Om Buschman - Total (1988, High-Fine Music)


nmr, many thanks to he who dealt it from those who smelt it

Günther Beckers - Walkman (1982, Milky-Music)

Blogsplooge belatedly presents the original 1982 edition of Walkman by Günther Beckers. An amalgam of minimal guitarwork, ethereal electronics, and haunting vocals evoke sonic landscapes with more than enough depth for exploration. Just don't forget to report your findings. Finally, excuse my recent absence -- I've been working on a reissue and new album for a top secret project. Keep it real.
Aural Alchemy Vol. 2 invites the listener to an auditory voyage through mystical territories and imperceptible worlds to reveal precious relics that lay within. Fourth world, jazz fusion, funk, and other(worldly) oddities may be found along the path. Plop this here to begin.
A1. Shel Silverstein - My Beard
A2. Nahid Akhat - Oh My Love
A3. Richard Horowitz - Baby Elephant Magic
A4. Bruno Spoerri - Saxellite
A5. The Doubling Riders - Vietcong Details
A6. Ka Baird - Tok Tru
A7. Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton - Heron Dance
A8. Lee Ryda - Meltdown

B1. Axxess - Owls
B2. Bob Chance - Jungle Talk
B3. Ramuntcho Matta - Conk
B4. Congarilla - This is Not a Sayonara
B5. Larry Chernicoff - Woodstock, New York
B6. Iury Lech - Diran Nadir
B7. Região Abissal - O Amor Inovou
B8. Frédéric Rousseau - Zaire Safari

"A video maker and performer living in Brussels, Céline Gillain is discreet, almost secretive, when it comes to her music. As a producer, she's using straight electronics to push people into her own zone of sci-fi, feminism and existential philosophy in the virtual world. Combining her love for what's shiny and a dark sense of humor, these 2 first songs on record are questioning roles assigned – and not only as women searching for their own ways in the boy's club." - via Lexi Disques