"If the idea of an LP following her debut 7″ on Lexi Disques gets you as excited as we … are, you won’t be disappointed by Bad Woman. … It sometimes feel[s] as if Bad Woman has been written by a former Pop diva that saw her expectations being shattered by life and now tries to make her come-back with a new album, influenced by what she believes to be contemporary pop music. The thing is, the result is a mutant blend of everything and anything that has been produced by the music industry these last 30 years, from Cher’s delirious come-back in the 1990’s to the most embarrassing moments in Dance music, and it rather sounds like a record that would have been written in a parallel universe." - via Antinote Recordings

Om Buschman - Total (1988, High-Fine Music)


nmr, many thanks to he who dealt it from those who smelt it