Here's a Spanish musician who received attention in December 2017 from a new label, Passat Continu, which released "El Sol Desde Oriente (Selected & Unreleased Recordings 1980-1990)," an anthological collection of Javier Segura's unreleased and rarely-heard works. This was shortly followed in March 2018 by the release of Arte Moderno's "Musica Cabeza," eight tracks recorded by Mandi Copote and Segura in the early 80's. Segura described the project as “not electronic, not pop, not rock and not avant-garde. Not art and not modern. And of course we felt miles away from what was to be known as the movida. Arte Moderno had its leanings towards the extreme social/political views, which is what usually happens when you do not feel at ease with anything around you. Its critique is against everything and everybody, but especially against the then-current trends, musical and otherwise. There’s some poetry in its expression, showing up just to be crashed down. There’s love without love. There’s light in darkness."

It's difficult to effectively describe Segura's music. He touches upon a wide variety of styles: musique-concrete, noise, ambient, tribal, new-age, new-wave, and post-punk. Yet none of those descriptors give Segura's music the wide-breadth that it deserves. It crosses interstylistic and interdimensional boundaries, warping one's understanding of what music can sound like. It's tough stuff, but highly rewarding.

What I've brought you today is Javier Segura's "Lamento Bereber," released in 1989 on Jaja records. It's a disorienting record, but in the most satisfying way imaginable. I hope y'all will enjoy it as much as I have.

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