Pitch - What Am I Gonna Do For Fun (1982, Idle Press, 2016)

"Another old friend, Parisian DJ Sundae, says a sad “Goodbye” to Hollie, and “Hello” to new venture Idle Press, whose first release is a rarity from 1982. Pitch's “What Am I Gonna do For Fun?” is a hip mix of Celluloid's B-Side, Ze Records` Christina, and the Funk of Savant's tape experiments, the vocal delivered in the “cool”, bored tone of a porn star absently smoking a cigarette while her stud bangs away. For the reissue Diskant's Toulouse Low Trax straightens the groove and cuts away the bulk of that vocal, loops up what's left, turning the bored porn star into Laurie Anderson leaving a cryptic answer phone message." - via Test Pressing

the day's coming to a close and, in your exhaustion, the only thing you can be sure of anymore is that you'd like to get home asap. yet the impending boredom of being home looms overhead, drowning out w/e hope you have of actually enjoying yourself. what's so good about being home anyway? i'll tell ya what. you're gonna listen to this here fine record i'm passing your way. included in the link below is three tracks - two from pitch's 1982 "what am i gonna do for fun" (and afaik their only recordings), along with toulouse low trax's (aka dj sport) rework of the title track from a repress this received back in 2016 on idle press.

 feeling bored?

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